A very funny tweet has gone viral online after a husband ranted about waiting too long in a restaurant to get some cheese – and the memes are bound to make you laugh.

The tweet shows a photo of a woman, who has been dubbed ‘Shredded Cheese Fajita Wife’, looking extremely sad at the fact that she’d been waiting a very long time for some shredded cheese to eat with her fajitas.

People on the internet found the tweet totally hilarious, and have created a number of memes that will keep you entertained for a very long time.

A hilarious tweet about fajitas has gone viral

One Twitter user has gone viral online after he tweeted about his post-lockdown restaurant experience.

Jason Vicknair, or @jsv4 on Twitter, took to the social media app to rant about how long it took for the waiter to bring his wife some shredded cheese for her fajitas.

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He explains how it was his first date night after three months in coronavirus induced quarantine, and he had already asked four people and waited 18 minutes for the cheese to arrive.

The original tweet has been deleted, and @jsv4 has put his account on private, but many screenshots of the tweet are still on the internet.

15 best Shredded Cheese Memes

After the tweet went viral, the internet has inevitably created some hilarious memes – here are 15 of the best that are bound to make you laugh.

Lots of people are relating the popular St Louis Gun Couple Meme, which has also gone viral this weekend to the Shredded Cheese Meme. Shredded Cheese Fajita Wife was definitely ready to get her guns out.

This scene from The Simpsons shows Patty Bouvier holding something vaguely similar to a fajita, and it definitely has no shredded cheese in it. And she doesn’t look too happy about it either.

Let’s do a quiz. What has happened to this very sad looking woman? Answer: She has no shredded cheese for her Fajitas.

Some restaurants are even using the Shredded Cheese Meme as advertising for their own fajitas. If your fajitas come with shredded cheese then you’re onto a winner.

This photo of Hagrid definitely represents the husband’s desperation to get his wife some shredded cheese. “Please sir, she needs shredded cheese for her fajitas!”

Fajita Wife has now become a national face of tragedy. Someone get her some shredded cheese, look how sad she is.

Plot twist. What if the waiter actually hid the shredded cheese on purpose? The conspiracy theories are real.

I doubt very much that Melania Trump would have to wait very long for some shredded cheese on her fajitas. In fact, she probably doesn’t even eat cheese at all. But if she did this would surely be the situation.

The internet is even renaming some famous paintings. The title “Where is My Shredded Cheese?” definitely has a ring to it, right?

You can’t get any better than simply zooming in on Fajita Wife’s face of desperation as she waits longingly for her shredded cheese.

After 18 minutes of waiting for some shredded cheese, I think he was ready to talk to the media.

I wonder if fajita wife actually did ever get her shredded cheese? The plot intensifies. We want answers.

People are changing the lyrics of songs to involve the shredded cheese story. “Sweet dreams of shredded cheese…”

But don’t worry, America DOES NOT have a shortage of shredded cheese. Great news!

And finally, if this was you waking up this morning utterly confused at the words Shredded Cheese Fajita Wife trending, then hopefully you now understand what the internet is going on about!

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