As the hype and interest around FIFA 21 begins to escalate, there’s a lot about FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team that could be improved upon.

Despite FIFA’s flagship Career Mode the ever-popular Pro Clubs attracting a massive population of players, Ultimate Team is most likely, once again, going to be the most played game mode.

Some players, however, argue that FIFA has been going downhill for years and believe that previous FIFA editions are miles ahead of FIFA 20.

And with EA raking in the millions within Ultimate Team, players are hoping that the money being spent will finally bring a wealth of changes to the game mode.

Every player will have their own opinion about what should stay, what should go and what needs to be added in FUT 21.

Here are five things we think players deserve from FIFA 21:

Better Servers/Matchmaking

A common complaint amongst FIFA players is to blame the connection on the EA servers. 

For a number of years now, players have continuously complained to EA Sports to fix its servers and it’s easy to see why. 

More often than not, when playing Ultimate Team, games are plagued with connection issues that cause laggy games and even disconnected matches.

There are a number of reasons why FIFA 20 may lag or even disconnect when you play online matches.

The servers may be struggling to keep up with the volume of players, which is more likely to happen during weekends when FUT Champions is running. EA might have added more servers, but the amount of connectivity issues still linger.

Players around the world, who spend millions on the game mode, quite simply deserve better.

2v2 Ultimate Team Mode

In the past few years, cooperative FIFA has provided some of the most entertaining competitive moments and would add a totally new dynamic to the franchise.

You can play with a friend in an online draft, but let’s extend this ability to Ultimate Team too.

Just imagine being able to combine players from your squads to create a super team and setting out on the road to Division 1 glory.

If anything, this will create a totally new and exciting way for players and teams to compete against each other. Even more so, it will give me an excuse to tell my friend that I am better than them and the only reason that we are winning is because of me.

Removal of Chemistry Styles

To put it bluntly, Chemistry Styles are nothing but a burden. The ability to add pace statistics to a player, with the simple addiction of a shadow or hunter chemistry style, means that those rapid players you’ve invested in for their speed, have become a waste.

In-game, Mbappé should feel quick, but him being hounded down by a supercharged John Stones makes the item less valuable. It’s just unrealistic.

Improved Weekend League Rewards

Obtaining a high finish in Ultimate Team’s FUT Champions is one of the most punishing, but gratifying modes the mode has to offer.

Having said that, no matter where you rank on the leaderboards, rewards still seem inconsistent and unrewarding.

Rewards should be tiered to guarantee a certain rating, dependant upon your success throughout the weekend. Instead, the rewards seem almost like a lottery and the prize is a tirelessly slow Dani Parejo staring a hole through you, after a successful and career-defining 30-0 finish.

We’ve all been through the highs and low of a Weekend League, so knowing that the effort put in will be rewarded should be something all players can look forward to.

Return of Tournaments

Ultimate Team players have been split right down the middle after FIFA 20 players suggested that EA Sports should bring back a feature from the past.

Ultimate Team’s Tournaments mode was fun, relaxed and a great way to play in a semi-competitive environment during the week, while picking up rewards along the way.

FIFA 20 lacked a ‘during the week’ game mode for the more competitive player and the return of tournaments will give players a place to play.

In a post to the FIFA subreddit on January 30, Reddit user byramcheaky called for the return of the FUT game mode, with the idea receiving an overwhelming embrace by other players.

When is FIFA 21 released?

  • FIFA 21 will be released on October 9, 2020, having been pushed back from its usual late September slot after EA Sports’ plans were disrupted by the coronavirus. 

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