Season 2 of Das Boot comes to an end on Sky Atlantic on June 30th and so fan attention is turning to whether Das Boot season 3 will surface.

When it was first announced that Das Boot, one of the best and most famous war film of all time, was going to be made into a TV series, there was undoubtedly a lot of scepticism.

However, those critical of the idea of a Das Boot series were quickly silenced as the Sky Atlantic series proved to be a critical hit when it first released in late 2018.

So much so that a second season was quickly ordered up and after it aired on Germany’s Sky One back in April and May, season 2 finally hit UK screens in June.

Sadly, due to its double-bill screenings, Das Boot’s second series is already coming to an end on Sky Atlantic after another riveting season concludes on June 30th.

As a result, the question on many fans’ minds will no doubt be whether or not Das Boot will return for a third instalment.

Season 3 renewal status

Fans of Das Boot will be pleased to know that the series has reportedly been renewed for a third season.

In December 2019, TV Scorecards revealed that as well as a second series, Das Boot would be back beyond that for series 3.

Sky Atlantic

Season 3 release date

The release date for Das Boot season 3 is currently unconfirmed and could be some time away as well.

Between seasons 1 and 2 of Das Boot on Germany’s Sky One, there was a gap of 17 months. If there is a similar wait for season 3 then it could arrive in the autumn of 2021.

However, given the filming and production delays many films and TV series have faced thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it could be even later still.

Sky Atlantic

Potential plot for season 3

The beauty of the Das Boot TV series is that it stands as its own entity in a way.

This is because, when it starts, it’s set in 1942 and is nestled between Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s two novels, Das Boot and Die Feistung, which are set in 1941 and 1944 respectively and provided the inspiration for the series.

What we can expect to see as and when season 3 arrives, is the naval side of the series elevate as the war takes a turn for the worse for the Germans.

Meanwhile, the resistance efforts in La Rochelle will face increasing pressure and scrutiny as it won’t be until May 1945 before the Allies finally liberate the coastal town.

As a result, if the series stays popular enough, it could run until the end of the war itself as the Battle of the Atlantic and the siege of La Rochelle both raged until the very end of the conflict.

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