The highly anticipated batch of episodes has arrived on Netflix, so let’s get Dark season 3 episode 3 explained before audiences continue the journey.

Netflix has given us so many excellent shows in recent years, but one of the very best has now come to an end.

Then again, we suspect fans will be rewatching the third and final season of Dark a number of times to fully digest it.

Co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, this sci-fi gem landed on Netflix back in 2017 and ushered us into the town of Winden, Germany. Many mysteries have surfaced from its complex narrative, but it’s safe to say that season 3 is the most hectic and difficult to comprehend of the bunch.

Introduced to a parallel world without Jonas, we still must understand how he affects it despite not being a part of it.

still from “Dark”, Wiedemann & Berg Television

Dark season 3 episode 3 explained

We’re ushered into the episode as Jonas meets with a woman identifying as Eva and is older Martha. She informs him of the pair’s connection and their importance; because of this, it’s imperative that Jonas must save both worlds.

On the other hand, the episode sees Ulrich investigate his brother in connection with the body of a boy found in the bunker. In the bunker, Charlotte finds a penny bearing resemblance to the one in Helge’s possession. Subsequently, Helge confesses after Charlotte asks Peter about his father’s activity during the time Mads disappeared, while it’s addressed that Erik thinks Mads is involved.

Young Martha ponders what she saw in the bunker and then ends things with Killian, before meeting her adult self in the future accompanied by Jonas. In his world, the second Martha is in the 1800s with adult Jonas and the teenage Magnus, Fransizka, and Bartosz, as highlighted by The Cinemaholic.

While conversing with Bartosz, she reveals Jonas’ identity which leads to a fight. Then, Martha gives Jonas the last of the fuel for the time machine so he can escape but it fails and she then escapes, meeting Adam in the future.

Additionally, the Unknown Man orchestrates Eva’s wishes.

Dark season 3 episode 3 explained: What do we learn?

Although Jonas is absent from the second world, much of the narrative is the same. Reflecting upon this, Ulrich is still cheating on his wife and chasing a case, although the people involved have changed. Also, Peter is cheating and Helge’s responsibility for death remains.

By drawing contrast between these worlds, the similarities we decipher enlighten us to something. In Jonas’ world it’s Adam who has been maintaining control over characters, but in the other world it’s Martha, or rather, Eva. Instead of Noah, she has the Unknown Man at her command.

Despite what has been said prior, we are seeing her facilitating the apocalypse, just as Adam had in his world.

As for why she went back to give Jonas the God Particle, you’ll see…

Fans react to Dark season 3

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