Season 1 of BNA: Brand New Animal may have only just premiered on Netflix, but viewers are already wondering if and when the anime will return for a second season.

Let’s be honest, Netflix is killing it when it comes to original anime shows.

From Castlevania and Baki to Devilman Crybaby and Dorohedoro, the platform is now consistently releasing quality series.

Their latest addition, BNA: Brand New Animal has seemingly been added to that list, with fantastic reviews already flooding social media.

The series may have only just been released, but fans are already eager to know if and when BNA will return for a second instalment.

BNA season 2: Renewal status

At the time of writing, BNA: Brand New Animal has not been renewed for season 2, nor has it been cancelled by Netflix.

BNA is part of the small group of anime that is not a direct adaptation of a manga series. This means that Netflix liked the direction that the show’s frontrunners pitched, plus it means the writers can get creative with a potential sequel series.

A manga adaptation by Asano began serialisation in May 2020, but this will most likely take its time catching up to the story season 1 covered – so don’t expect any hints from the storyline here.

In any case, the platform will most likely wait a few weeks in order to gauge audience reaction before giving season 2 the green light.

BNA season 2: Release date

With no official confirmation that the anime will return, we have no indication as to when season 2 could release.

On one hand, the anime was announced at the Anime Expo in July 2019, indicating that we could see a second season drop as soon as early-2021. On the other hand, there may be production delays associated with coronavirus, meaning a more realistic prediction would be mid-2021.

Then there is the issue of scheduling. With the show being so close to Beastars, Netflix will not want to release the two series that close to each other. However, we don’t yet have a release date for Beastars season 2, meaning that the platform may sit on an official announced for BNA until that project gets an update.

Of course, this is all dependent on Netflix renewing the show for a second season anyway.

BNA season 2: Plot

As previously stated, the series is not based on a manga series or light novel, meaning that the plot for season 2 could go in any direction.

Unfortunately, season 1 wrapped most of the storylines up quite nicely, so there isn’t a direct continuation for the storyline to go down next.

However, we can assume that season 2 will continue with the same characters. Therefore, the plot could revolve around Michiru struggling to accept she is now Beastkin or whether a true cure even exists. Then there is Shirou, who is a wanted wolf himself. Could there be a redemption-style arc for him, or could he further himself down this criminal path?

Personally, I would love to see an increase in tension between the human population and Beastkin community. I think that their relationship was one of the most interesting aspects of season 1, and could definitely be explored further – especially from a political perspective, sort of similar to the classic science fiction film District 9.

Season 1 of BNA is available right now on Netflix.

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