Barstool’s Big Cat is the latest star to get ‘cancelled’. Here’s what happened and why some say he should be held accountable instead of joining the ‘cancellation’ culture.

The past few weeks have been some sort of a wake-up call following the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests in the US and around the world.

People have called out a number of celebrities and social media influencers for their past actions and old online clips with offensive content.

Jenna Marbles has stepped down from her YouTube channel after she apologised for old videos where she used blackface. Shane Dawson has also joined the ‘cancellation’ culture over old clips which contained inappropriate jokes.

Now, Barstool Sports star Dan Katz, aka Big Cat, is held accountable for old clips on social media. So, why is Big Cat ‘cancelled’?

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Why is Big Cat ‘cancelled’?

Big Cat has been ‘cancelled’ over resurfaced social media clips of Barstool Sports.

People have slammed Big Cat and fellow Barstool stars for offensive remarks in an old video.

In the clip, Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy talks about a time when their sales guy Paul Gulczynski went “blackface” for Halloween.

Responding to Portnoy, Big Cat reacted: “You’ve gotta put them on a leash and have them next to you the whole time.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Clancy added: “If you do blackface with two Black guys, and they’re okay with it, you get a pass. You’re allowed to.”

Big Cat makes a statement

Following the resurfaced clip, Big Cat has released a blog statement on Barstool Sports.

In a lengthy post called ‘I Don’t Think I’m Being Cancelled, I’m Just Being Held Responsible’, he addressed the offensive remarks.

He explained: “I’m not going to apologize just to apologize. I don’t know what exactly that solves.

“I’ll be told it’s not sincere by a bunch of people, while another group will tell me I succumbed to the big bad boogie man of cancel culture, and the people who demand an apology won’t give a fuck because they’ve already made their mind up about Barstool.”

Writing further in the post, Big Cat continued:

“I need to speak up more, I need to use my platform to help people understand issues at a deeper level when I can. I’m not going to tell anyone how to think or what they should do, because again, I’m human and I fuck up and am still trying to figure things out myself.”

People react on social media

It’s safe to say that people on social media are divided over Big Cat’s response.

Some have said that he should be ‘cancelled’ similar to other celebs who have made inappropriate remarks, while others have stated that he should be “held accountable” for his past mistakes.

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