Yellowstone is back on Paramount Network for season 3 but what music appears in the soundtrack for episode 2, Freight Trains and Monsters?

Since it arrived on our screens in 2018, Paramount Network’s Yellowstone has become one of the must-watch shows of the summer.

The Kevin Costner-starring series shows the constant struggle between Old Western ranching values and modern expansion and industrialisation and it’s proven to be essential viewing for millions of fans.

Where Yellowstone stands out in particular, is the superb selection of songs that appear throughout each episode, with many fans tuning in simply to hear what new music is in store.

In June, Yellowstone returned to our screens for its long-awaited third season and as episode 2 goes to show, the selection of music in the series remains as excellent as ever.

Yellowstone season 3 on Paramount Network

Season 3 of Yellowstone made its debut on Paramount Network in the US on June 21st, 2020, with episode 2 following suit on June 28th.

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The new season continues the struggle of John Dutton and his family’s ranch as it comes under threat once again as property developers aim to build an airport nearby, followed by an entire city, bringing in tourists new residents to the increasingly hostile area.

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The music of Yellowstone season 3 episode 2

In episode 2 of Yellowstone’s third season, there are four main tracks that make an appearance throughout the episode alongside Bryan Tyler’s signature score.

Those four tracks are:

  • Sleeping Dogs by Blackberry Smoke | Can be heard when Agent Henderson pulls up to the Sweet Grass County Fairground.
  • Party Like You by The Cadillac Tree | This song involves Agent Henderson again, this time when he’s roughing up some horse thieves.
  • Lady May by Tyler Childers | Rip and Beth share a dance to this song at Yellowstone Ranch.
  • Condemned by Zach Bryan | As the episode draws to a close, this song is heard when Agent Henderson calls Jamie Dutton from Sweetgrass Valley Jail.
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Fans love the soundtrack

Once again, social media lit up following the episode, Freight Trains and Monsters with a number of fans praising the music selection from award-winning Music Supervisor Andrea von Foerster.

Yellowstone continues weekly on Paramount Network and we certainly can’t wait to hear what musical delights await us in episode 3 when it airs on July 5th.