Following a plot twist on The Chi, Showtime viewers want to know more about Luke’s girlfriend.

The Chi recently returned for its third season following two successful series.

The Showtime series, which premiered in 2018, are created by Emmy Award-winning star Lena Waithe.

One of the stars who made his debut on The Chi is singer Luke James as the character of Trig – Jake’s estranged older brother.

In episode 2 on June 28th, people reacted to a plot twist about Trig’s girlfriend.

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Who is Luke’s girlfriend?

Luke’s girlfriend is Imani who made her debut appearance in The Chi’s third season.

The plot twist that fans didn’t expect or were aware of was that Imani is a transgender character.

This shouldn’t be surprising as creator Lena Waithe revealed, ahead of episode 2 last Sunday, that season 3 will feature its first trans character.

Speaking to UPI, Lena revealed that she was “excited” to introduce Imani as the first transgender character “this season”.

Addressing the character, Lena explained:

“We make sure to not point a finger or shed too much light on her being trans. She’s an amazing woman, she’s an interesting character, and I’m excited that we finally get to do that this season.”

Meet Jasmine Davis

Jasmine Davis plays the character of Imani on The Chi.

Jasmine is an actress and model from Chicago who has moved to LA to pursue an acting career.

Apart from her character as Imani, the actress played Claire on the Bad Boys spin-off series LA’s Finest and Candy in the 2018 TV movie Deviants.

Jasmine’s other credits include a few gigs in short movies such as in The Choice (2016) and Downward Doug (2015).

Follow Jasmine on social media

Since her debut on The Chi, Jasmine is already getting likes and followers on her social media channels.

You can follow the actress on Instagram under the handle @jasmine.davis222 where Jasmine has more than 11k fans at the time of publication.

You can find Jasmine on Twitter @Jasmine65113326. Over there, the actress makes regular polls where she asks fans about the latest storylines on The Chi.

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