BJ Klock is a 30 year old CEO, who you have probably never heard of. His client list, on the other hand, is much more recognisable.

After seeing BJ be linked to celebs such as Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, fans want to know more about this man, and exactly what he does.

BJ runs a company called Advisight, and even though you may have never heard of it, you will certainly be familiar with their work.

Read on for more details, and to find out exactly who BJ Klock is.

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Who is BJ Klock?

BJ Klock is a singer, and CEO of the company Advisight. He has released several songs, and told Jimmy Star’s World in an interview: “I love music. It’s always been a passion of mine and when I make music I truly feel relaxed and at peace.”

In 2020, BJ’s ebook was released, titled: How To Get Started When You Got Nothing: A Manual To A Better Life.

BJ also runs personal development Instagram web series called Time With Klock, which started in 2017, and has since been converted into a podcast.

What is Advisight?

On the website, Advisight states: “We refine our clients mission, message and systems to attract loyal fans that create ubiquitous brands.”

Resident Advisor describes BJ as “the CEO of Advisight.” His biography states:

“BJ helps some of the world’s most influential personal and corporate brands by building large engaged communities around their mission and message to dramatically increase their brands recognition, sales & profitability.”

In a Medium article, written by himself, BJ describes himself as having “not only accumulated over a million loyal fans himself he has built a network of over 500 million followers which receives over 100s of billions of views & trillions of impressions annually.”

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Why is BJ Klock linked to celebs such as Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian?

While Advisight has a strict private policy, we can infer that one of their clients is Taylor Swift, who appears in a picture on the company’s website, indicating that she’s worked with BJ in the past. 

BJ also hinted on his Instagram Story that he has worked with Kim Kardashian, telling fans:

“Check this out and try it for yourself [to] see who is the most popular related inquiries to [Taylor Swift] & [Kim Kardashian] over the past week.”

BJ has been linked to several celebs online, but due to the private policy, there is no way of knowing all of Klock’s celebrity clients, though he did write in an article for Medium:

“BJ is a consultant to billionaires, multi-millionaires, CEOs, TV Stars, Professional Athletes, Global Influencers & Celebrities.”

So while we may not get to know any names, it is safe to assume some of our favourite A- listers are working with BJ.

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