Star Wars theories are always appearing online but now one theory has answered the most important question of all, which is the most comfy Jedi Council seat?

The Star Wars fanbase is easily one of the most passionate and dedicated in all of pop culture.

Every aspect of a film, TV show or video game is analysed down to the most minute detail.

If there’s anything in the Star Wars franchise you can think about, there’ll be a YouTube video or Reddit post discussing it.

In recent days, Reddit has pulled another in-depth analysis of the Star Wars franchise out of the bowels of the internet and as a result, plenty of memes have begun to emerge.

But rather than focusing on the meaning of each lightsaber colour or what TIE in TIE Fighter stands for, the video in question delves into the most crucial Star Wars topic of them all.

Which seat in the Jedi Council chamber is the comfiest?

The most comfy Jedi Council seat

The video in question comes from the YouTube channel The Starwars Archives and it explores just which of the seats in the Jedi Council chamber is the comfiest.

In the video, the result is shown to be a draw between Yaddle’s bowl seat and Depa Billaba’s backrest chair.

But the chairs are two of three main designs used in the chamber and the ultimate chair is actually neither of them… let’s discuss.

Seat 1 | Bowl

First up in our rundown of the seat of the Jedi Council is the bowl seat used by Yoda and Yaddle.

The rounded design is the perfect shape for the smaller creatures and offers the chance for the user to sink right back into the chair.

Make it big enough for a human to fit in and you’ve got yourself a solid chair.


Seat 2 | Block

We’re dubbing this seat the block chair thanks to its chunky angular design.

This seems like arguably the worst of the three council chairs as there’s little in the way of a backrest and the wide frame of the seat doesn’t offer the user much support (as seen in the image of Obi-Wan below).

Where this chair succeeds, however, is its armrests which none of the other seats in the Council chamber possesses.


Seat 3 | Backrest

We see this chair used by Plo Koon (seen below on the right) and Eeth Koth (on the left above) and for humanoid creatures, it’s almost certainly the best.

The tall backrest offers superb support for its user while its low position to the ground offers the chance to stretch those legs after a long day of Jedi business.


Seat 4 | The ultimate solution

What we need is a blend of all three. The round bowl design of Yoda and Yaddle’s chair, the armrests of the Mace Windu and Obi-Wan’s block seat and the backrest of Plo Koon and Eeth Koth’s seat.


How furinture may have brought about the end of the Jedi

In The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker says that it was the Jedi Order’s hubris that blinded them to the rising power of Darth Sidious.

We feel differently.

What if Yoda and Mace Windu spent far too much picking out nice furniture that it allowed Sidious to infiltrate the Republic and orchestrate the fall of the Jedi under their very noses?

This is where it gets in the realm of proper conspiracy theory, what if the chair company that supplies the Jedi Council is actually owned by Palpatine himself?

Now that would be something.

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