On TikTok, the ultimate goal is to get your videos onto the For You Page, and TikTokkers have tried endless tricks and hacks to make this happen.

The For You Page is a page on TikTok which is tailored to each person’s likes and interests, and any video can pop up on there, you don’t need to be following them.

TikTokkers have spent years trying to figure out the algorithm in order to get their videos onto the For You Page, and that has often led to some interesting hashtags.

The latest, #SNOOZAPALOOZZZA, you may have seen captioning your favourite videos online, but it turns out that there is more to the hashtag than you may realise.


Since all other festivals are cancelled, I’m headed to #Snoozzzapalooza ! Who’s coming ?! #Simmonssleep #sponsored


What does #SNOOZAPALOOZZZA mean?

While the hashtag may have ended up being used by most TikTokkers as a way to end up on the For You Page, it began trending for a different reason.

The hashtag was created by mattress brand Simmons, who wrote:

“Music festivals are cancelled. Concerts are cancelled. Feeling the wind rustle through your flower-crown — cancelled. You know what’s not cancelled? Fun-ZZZ’s.”

“Simmons is here to fill the void of all our cancelled events and bring some much needed Fun-ZZZ’s into everyone’s life. And it all starts…with your mattress. Stage-dive into bed to enter the first ever TikTok festival: SnooZZZapalooza!”

The hashtag originally was meant for people to share content of themselves having fun at home, and in their bedroom, and Simmons even created a song on the app for users to add into their videos.


Maybe being stuck at home isn’t all bad 💤 #Snoozzzapalooza#sponsored


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