Good Luck Charlie actress, Leigh-Allyn Baker, has come under fire on Twitter recently, after comments made about wearing a face mask.

Fans have accused Leigh-Allyn of being anti-mask, after her response to Joe Biden’s tweet encouraging people to wear a mask.

Find out what Leigh-Allyn and fans had to say on the matter below!

What did Leigh-Allyn say?

Joe Biden tweeted a picture of himself wearing a mask, captioned: “Wear a mask.” Leigh-Allyn replied to the tweet, saying:

“No thank you. It’s not law. Just an overreaching suggestion. But you do you.”

A Twitter user then replied to Leigh-Allyn’s tweet writing: “My Dad nearly died from COVID-19. Could be you. Could be your husband. Could be your son. But you do you.”

Leigh-Allyn then caused further controversy by responding with: “I’m so sorry to hear that. My son almost died from his vaccine. So I totally understand your passion and fear.”

Later on, Leigh-Allyn wrote:

“After multiple death threats to me & my family for saying “masks are not law and decrease oxygen,” I have changed my opinion. Masks are law. Masks do not decrease oxygen. Thank you for lovingly “educating” me. @JoeBiden@realDonaldTrump#MasksSaveLives

What do fans think?

Fans have taken to Twitter to show support for other Disney moms, and express their disappoint over Leigh-Allyn’s tweets. One fan wrote:

“I just found out Amy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie is anti mask and anti vaxx my heart CANNOT take this anymore so now I have no other choice but to stan Teresa Russo 30x harder”

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