The Last Of Us Part 2 is a divisive sequel which has gotten fans angry enough to create a nonsensical petition demanding a ‘remake’. While there’s plenty of complaints to be heard about its story and characters, most people agree that its combat is intense and near perfect. And there are also plenty of terrifying scenarios such as when taking on the Rat King hospital boss fight. Here you’ll discover how to defeat this boss so you can get past this horrifying nightmare fuel as quickly as possible.

There are a few boss fights in The Last Of Us Part 2 such as defeating a Bloater as Ellie with Joel which is just as panic inducing as it was back in 2013. This boss fight ends with Ellie about to get her jaw ripped to shreds only to be saved by the legendary Joel with a machete.

However, with the Rat King, instead of Ellie you are Abby and there is no one to save you. Not to mention this beast is even scarier than a bloater thanks to being a giant infected with bodies stuck to its belly.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last Of Us 2: How to beat the Rat King Abby boss fight

To beat the Rat King Abby boss fight in The Last Of Us Part 2 hospital section you must always be moving.

This is because The Last Of Us Part 2’s Rat King boss fight will end with Abby being pummelled to death if the giant infected lands even one hit.

After running away from the terrifying monster in a cinematic chase scene that is mostly linear and pretty straightforward, you’ll be stuck in a circuit area that is partly flooded.

Shoot the Rat King with incendiary shells and throw pipe bombs at it, but always keep moving to avoid its one hit kills.

The gist of the boss fight is to just keep shooting and moving, as well as picking up resources such as ammo and materials.

Eventually, the Stalker half of the Rat King will rip away from the Bloater and this’ll allow you to hear where the main monster is while holding R1.

Ignore the Stalker and just focus on killing the Bloater. When you eventually do kill the Bloater portion of the boss fight, you’ll then need to eliminate the Stalker by progressing through the level.

The shotgun is effective for killing the Stalker but the flamethrower is even better. Once the Stalker is set ablaze and eventually perishes, the Rat King will be dead and the game’s scariest encounter will officially be over.

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