Talking Heads stars some of the UK’s best actors but fans have noticed Jodie Comer’s accent in Her Big Chance changes part-way through.

Jodie Comer is one of the acting industry’s hottest properties at the moment.

The Emmy and Bafta award-winning Liverpudlian has stolen our hearts since first appearing as the psychopathic Villanelle in Killing Eve and will surely have a long and illustrious career ahead of her.

One of Comer’s biggest attributes in her role as Villanelle is her ability to put on almost any accent she chooses and to speak a myriad of languages fluently.

However, despite being able to effortlessly switch from a thick Russian accent to Scottish, as heard in the recent third series of Killing Eve, Comer’s latest appearance, in BBC One’s Talking Heads, has got fans talking for a different reason.

The reason being that Comer’s accent in the episode, Her Big Chance, changes part-way through and it’s something that fans on social media haven’t failed to spot.

Talking Heads: Trailer – BBC

Talking Heads: Trailer – BBC

Talking Heads on BBC One and iPlayer

Beginning at 9pm on BBC One on Tuesday, June 23rd, Talking Heads is a modern adaptation of the Alan Bennett monologue films of the 1980s and 90s.

Jodie Comer joins a star-studded cast that features Imelda Staunton and Martin Freeman, among others, as they appear in new versions of Alan Bennett’s classic monologues.


Jodie Comer’s accent in Talking Heads

In Talking Heads, Jodie Comer stars as Lesley in Her Big Chance, the fourth film in the new series.

Like Comer, Lesley is an actress and an incredibly dedicated and studious one at that.

When the episode begins, Lesley introduces herself through a window in a posh, southern accent by saying: “I shot a man laaast week,” placing plenty of emphasis on the extended ‘a.’

Her elocuted manner of speaking continues for most of the opening scene until she reveals that her character is from Bromley, in South London.

Yet, despite her character being from Bromley, Comer’s accent begins to unfurl slightly as she starts to sound more like she’s from South Wigan rather than South London.


As you’re watching the episode, the slight shift in intonation isn’t all that noticeable, but rewatching the trailer is an instant reminder that Comer’s accent was very different at the start of the episode.

There are potentially a number of reasons for the slight tweak in accent.

You could argue that as Jodie’s character opens up more throughout the story, her colder, posh exterior falls away and she gets a bit more open and welcoming.

Or alternatively, the shift in accents could be due to the fact that the Her Big Chance episode was shot in just one day as Jodie Comer explained in a recent interview with the Daily Mail.

Either way, Jodie Comer’s performance as Lesley is still utterly superb, despite a slight accent shift.


Social media reacts

While the slight shift in Lesley’s accent throughout the Her Big Chance episode won’t be noticable to the vast majority of viewers, a number of fans on social media have picked up on it.

Her Big Chance arrives on BBC One at 8:45pm on June 29th while the full 12-episode series is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.