As a result of the Dragunov’s underwhelming damage in-game, the AX-50 and HDR are the only sniper rifles that anyone really uses in Modern Warfare and Warzone — but that all looks set to change.

Recently revealed by Infinity Ward at the start of Season 4, fans were teased with the Rytec AMR and it might be recognisable to older Call of Duty fans. From the image that Infinity Ward shared, it bears striking similarities to the infamous semi-automatic Barrett .50 Cal sniper rifle from the prior games in the Modern Warfare sub-series.

Though the Rytec AMR appears to be an anti-matter rifle, it may actually fire explosive rounds instead of normal bullets, based on its real-life counterpart. The powerful rifle is known for its ability to take down enemies and vehicles without much trouble which means it will be a popular pick among players when they unlock it.

When is the Rytec AMR sniper rifle coming to Season 4?

  • Currently, the Rytec AMR is yet to be released in Modern Warfare and there is no concrete date set for its release.

But, having said that, Infinity Ward have confirmed that it will be coming to the game sometime during Season 4.

Given that Modern Warfare’s seasons tend to be around two months long, this would see Season 4’s mid-season update coming around early-mid July.

The Rytec AMR will be the first downloadable content sniper rifle that is being added to Season 4

Since Infinity Ward generally want new weapons to be readily available to most players, you probably wont have to do much to unlock the Rytec AMR.

And with Season 4 due to end in just over a month’s time, you shouldn’t have to hold out for much longer for a new sniper option.

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