If you’re a fan of chocolate, you might as well play Yummy by Justin Bieber because this is going to be yummy yum: Kinder Bueno Pearls! 

For those still in the dark, Kinder Bueno chocolate bars are probably the most popular and mouth-watering treats all over the world. 

Kinder Bueno, part of the Kinder Chocolate brand line, is a hazelnut cream filled wafer with a chocolate covering.

The Kinder Bueno Pearls come in 190g bags with thestandard Kinder Bueno design.

Unfortunately, they aren’t available in stores in the UK and a limited amount is imported from Germany, which means that they sell out quickly.

Where can you buy Kinder Bueno pearls in the UK?


Amazon might be the website to find whatever you’re looking for, but in this case, the snack is currently out of stock and it’s unknown when they will be available again. 

GB Gifts

GB Gifts offers a Kinder Bueno Pearls pack for £5.99, but unfortunately, it’s out of stock as well.


E-bay’s Kinder Bueno Pearls are currently sold out as the import from Germany is limited, the website mentions.


Once again, another online store that the Kinder Bueno Pearls are unavailable. 

From what it looks like, the Kinder Bueno Pearls are very hard to find, because only a limited amount is imported in the UK from Germany.

The difficulties that COVID-19 has created, have stopped the Kinder Bueno Pearls importation for the time being. 

Don’t be disheartened, Kinder Bueno Pearls will make their comeback, hopefully soon. Until then, you can enjoy Kinder Bueno ice cream; equally delish to Kinder Bueno Pearls and cheaper.

Where to buy Kinder Bueno ice cream?


Tesco offers a pack of four Kinder Bueno ice creams cones for £3.50.


Asda also has a pack four Kinder Bueno ice creams cones for £3.50.


Same deal, same price.

Meanwhile, some Off-licence stores seem to have the Kinder Bueno ice cream for 60p.

**this article will be updated once we find new stock-lists**

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