The actor is known for many roles but is Zac Efron vegan? Fans are curious ahead of the release of Netflix’s Down to Earth docu-series.

Over the years, Zac Efron has proven himself as an actor with the ability to surprise.

Since his High School Musical days, he has earned an astonishing reputation as a truly charismatic performer, elevating the likes of Baywatch, Bad Neighbours and 17 Again.

More recently, he impressed crowds of those sceptical of his talents in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, giving an authoritative portrayal of serial killer Ted Bundy. On the other hand, he’s subverted expectations in such efforts as The Beach Bum and The Disaster Artist too, while also dazzling in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and beyond.

He’s an actor many of us would like to hang out with, and while that isn’t exactly on the cards, Netflix has the next best thing.

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Netflix: Down to Earth with Zac Efron

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with Zac, Netflix has you covered.

On Friday, July 10th 2020, the streaming service will be unveiling the brand new docu-series Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

We’re invited to follow the star on his exciting travels, exploring the likes of France, Puerto Rico, Iceland, London, Costa Rica, Lima, Sardinia, and Iquitos, as highlighted by Entertainment Weekly.

While there, he delves into the ways in which residents find and adopt healthy and sustainable ways to live.

Wellness expert Darin Olien accompanies the actor on his journey, but potential audiences already have a pressing question…

Down to Earth with Zac Efron | Official Trailer | Netflix

Down to Earth with Zac Efron | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is Zac Efron vegan?

  • Yes, Zac Efron is vegan.

Back in 2018, Zac revealed in an interview with Teen Vogue that he had ditched his old eating habits in favour of a plant-based diet.

For those championing the vegan lifestyle, as well as those who had been entertaining the switch, his perspective proved very encouraging.

Speaking out, he expressed:

“I’ve been experimenting with eating purely vegan… That’s completely changed the way that my body works, and the way that I metabolize food, the way it turns into energy, [and] the way that I sleep. It’s been brilliant. It’s been great for my exercise and great for my routine.”

It’s clear that his love of food remains intact too! When asked about how he’d spend his free time exploring a new city, he said: “I would love to just explore. I’m a huge foodie, so I could definitely visit the top restaurants and be jazzed.”

So many places have been embracing vegan options for years and it’s arguably no longer a chore to find stellar alternatives to some of your old favourites.

He’s not the only one, obviously!

Of course, there are a wealth of talented screen performers who have made the leap and gone vegan.

As noted by Glamour, these include the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch (Avengers: Endgame), Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life), Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games), Rooney Mara (Her), Jared Leto (Suicide Squad), Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) and more.

We’re sure many more will continue to make the switch.

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