Social media users have shared emotional tributes following the death of YouTuber Iceycat25.

YouTube star Iceycat25 has been found dead last week.

Touching tributes and messages poured out from his followers and friends on social media and many have said that his death is a huge loss to the Rainbow Six Siege community.

Who was Iceycat25?

Iceycat25 was a YouTuber who joined the social media platform back in 2011.

His YouTube channel was dedicated to the Rainbow Six Siege game commentary and he was one of the original online creators in this field.

On his account, Iceycat25 wrote: “Dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege game commentary regarding new features, information and game play. Very occasionally sprinkled with some of my other interests such as visual effects work.”

Iceycat25: Death

The YouTuber’s death has been confirmed by Reddit user @u/kapdansghost on Sunday, June 28th.

In a lengthy and emotional post, Kapdan confirmed “with a very heavy heart” that Iceycat25 had passed away last week.

Fellow YouTube star NukemDukem and a friend of Iceycat25 shared a touching video, saying that it has been a “rough night” for him after he learned the sad news.

NukemDukem opened up about the most recent time they met, saying that Iceycat25 and his wife attended their wedding six months ago.

He added of his friend:

“He was a wonderful, wonderful person. He loved his wife. He loved his kids. He wanted to be the best human being possible for his family.”

People pay their tributes

Iceycat25’s followers and friends have taken to Twitter to pay their tributes and respects after the tragic news that he had died.

Many have shared messages full of love and praise to the late YouTube star, saying that his death is huge loss for the whole Rainbow Six Siege community.

Others have shared their personal experiences how they first came across his YouTube channel, adding that he’ll be very missed.

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