Gabbie Hanna has been cancelled again after her past posts resurfaced on the internet.

Gabbie Hanna rose to fame thanks to her online career as a social media influencer and vlogger.

She kicked off her career in Vine before moving to YouTube where she has more than 6 million followers.

The last few months haven’t been easy for the YouTube star who previously opened up about getting cancelled all the time.

Gabbie Hanna, YouTube

Gabbie Hanna’s drama explained

The YouTuber previously revealed how much the whole ‘cancelation’ thing has affected her well-being.

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Gabbie has had a feud going on with fellow YouTube star Jessi Smiles following sexual assault allegations from Jessi against her former boyfriend Curtis Lepore.

Jessi and Gabbie’s friendship broke down after Jessi filed a lawsuit against Curtis, while Gabbie stayed close friends with him.

Recently, the two have clashed again after Gabbie addressed their feud in an interview with TMZ.

Gabbie previously had a clash with Trisha Paytas over rumours that Trisha had herpes.

And now she’s getting cancelled again following another series of social media posts that resurfaced on the internet.

Gabbie takes to Twitter

Gabbie recently took to Twitter to say that the ‘cancellation’ culture has to stop.

In her tweet, she addressed the current social media trend of cancelling people over previous comments.

Instead, she asked her followers to understand that people can change and learn from their mistakes without getting cancelled all the time.

Fans react on social media

As usual, social media users are divided when it comes to online influencers getting cancelled over past behaviour.

As much as people are fed up with the ongoing drama, there are many who have called for others to consider the well-being and mental health of social media stars.

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