Netflix audiences are thrilled with the addition of Freaks, so let’s get it explained. For sci-fi fans, this is a gem to treasure for years to come.

In recent months, the escapism that films provide us has proven even more important.

Many have retreated into comedy and action spectacle to keep themselves smiling and entertained. However, sometimes you can’t beat a good puzzle.

Mind-bending movies often tend to attract certain demographics and audiences, whether we’re talking the complexity of Primer or the unpredictability of Inland Empire. That being said, films like Freaks have been successful in appealing to a wider audience while still refusing to shy away from strange territory.

Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein’s 2018 sci-fi drama has found new life thanks to its arrival on Netflix and for those who are still unpacking the film’s mysteries, let’s take the time to explore.

still from “Freaks”, Amazing et al.

Netflix: Freaks explained

Let’s take it from the top…

We centre in on young Chloe (Lexy Kolker), who is kept holed up in an ominous house by her father, Henry (Emile Hirsch), who fears that harm may come to them if she ventures outside.

Her disobedience is met with harsh punishment; when she attempts to leave, she’ll be confined to a closet.

Essentially, the audience is confronted with the possibility that he may be her kidnapper, or is something else at play? Is he right to fear the outside world?

When Chloe does make a dash for the streets, she meets with Mr. Snowcone (Bruce Dern) and things take a turn when he expresses that he’s her grandfather. He reveals that he’s been looking for Chloe’s mother but believes she’s dead, but the big reveal comes when he addresses that the three possess superpowers. These include invisibility, time control and telepathy.

Harnessing these powers, however, leads to them bleeding from the eyes and we learn that the government has been hunting those with powers, branded “abnormals”.

It then turns out that Henry has manipulated time for years, so while Chloe has grown up, only months have passed beyond their doorstep.

After discovering that Chloe has been enlightened to her true identity, Henry attempts to keep her safe with a neighbour but they’re betrayed and reported to the Abnormal Defence Force. Upon arrival, Chloe tricks them into thinking the neighbour is an abnormal, but this doesn’t change the fact that Agent Cecilia Ray (Grace Park) has big plans for the girl.

Netflix: Freaks ending explained

Much has been revealed, yet audiences remain curious about Chloe’s mother…

The flashes we’ve seen are revealed to be truths: Mary (Amanda Crew) is alive and trapped at Madoc Mountain. Upon this realisation, Chloe heads to save her while Henry and Alan fight Ray, who subsequently shoots them, forcing Chloe to telepathically kill her.

It’s not over though!

The ADF target the abnormal family’s home with a missile, but Henry utilizes the last of his strength to ensure Chloe escapes safely. Mary then arrives to fend off the remaining threat and we suspect they’ll go into hiding. However, Chloe refuses to return to this life and suggests there’s a way to stop the ADF from targeting them.

The reunited pair then head into the sky, opening up the story for a sequel… or so you’d think.

Will there be a Freaks sequel?

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, one of the film’s directors – Adam B. Stein – opened up about questions he’s received about the ending: “People have asked, did you mean the ending to feel like a sequel hook? To us, we didn’t think of it that way at all.

On the other hand, they have pondered the potential to explore this universe more:

“When we thought of this world, we had lots of ideas for other stories that could happen in this world. And we told one slice of it, focused on this particular family. If people go see it and there’s a demand for more stories in the Freaks world, we’d love to get back into it. But at the same time, the constraints, the budget constraints creates smarter storytelling. We’d never want to lose that and fall into the trap of being too comfortable.”

Now that the film has raised so many eyebrows on Netflix, perhaps there’ll be the opportunity to tell another tale.

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