Five Nights At Freddy’s is one of the most famous video game titles despite being nothing more than an onslaught of jump scares. However, thanks to alleged headlines from USA Today recently appearing on Twitter, some fans are scared that the terrifying game has become real thanks to a horrific story about Chuck E Cheese and five children being missing.

If you’re living outside of the United States, then you’re probably unaware that the Chuck E Cheese parent company, CEC Entertainment, has filed for bankruptcy thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that the famous food chain is shutting down in 34 different locations.

Since news of the bankruptcy, a story about five children missing inside the restaurant has appeared plus more spooky tales with similarities to Five Nights At Freddy’s. But, are these stories real?

Is the Chuck E Cheese 5 children gone missing story real?

No, the story from USA Today about five children gone missing inside Chuck E Cheese is not real.

There have been headlines appearing on Twitter saying that five children have gone missing at the same Chuck E Cheese location, but this is nothing more than a hoax.

USA Today have not reported the alleged story despite what Twitter suggests.

Night shift workers at Chuck E Cheese claim strange movement from animatronics

The link between the Chuck E Cheese horror stories and Five Nights At Freddy’s mostly comes from night shift workers allegedly claiming strange movement from animatronics.

However, this Five Nights At Freddy’s tale about Chuck E Cheese night shift workers claiming strange movement is again not true.

It’s just another fake headline that has been doing the rounds on Twitter, same with the one that says an employee has died.

Fans of the Five Nights At Freddy’s game will immediately draw parallels thanks to how the original had you stalked by creepy animatronics in the black of night.

By looking at different security cameras, you would either see the animatronics completely still, gone, or menacingly wandering towards you.

However, animatronics with killer motives haven’t become real overnight so you can still sleep soundly so long as you don’t play Five Nights At Freddy’s before bedtime.

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