Nearly one week after Netflix’s original anime film, A Whisker Away, premiered, the English dubbing has finally been released.

Netflix’s latest original anime, A Whisker Away, released last week to positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

However, the movie premiered without an English dubbing, an issue prevalent across the genre at the moment.

Thankfully, the English audio option has now become available on the streaming platform, making the anime more accessible to new viewers.

Is the English dubbing of A Whisker Away available internationally?

Yes, the English audio is now available to viewers both in the UK and US.

To be fair to Netflix, it has only been a week since A Whisker Away released on the site – the shortest turnaround for a dubbing in the past few months.

Hopefully, this will mean the show has a resurgence with viewers in the west. A Whisker Away is a genuinely fun film and is one of the cutest new anime out there, so the dubbing will no doubt make it more accessible to millions of more people.

Why was the English dubbing delayed?

As far as we are aware, the English dubbing was delayed because of complications arising from the global coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, it appears that the production delays caused by coronavirus are set to continue for the world of anime.  

Specifically, the English dubbing of more new shows are being delayed and titles are premiering with only the original Japanese audio option available.

Whilst many fans can deal with subtitles, not having an English dubbing available on release is putting off many others.

Shows like Scissor Seven, Ghost in the Shell and most recently, Baki all launched with an ‘English-Delayed’ issue – indicating this could be the norm for the next few months.

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