The Crossfire X open beta has just ended on Xbox, but gamers are now left wondering when in 2020 the full game will be released.

When it comes to popular first-person shooter games, titles like Call of Duty, PUBG and Battlefield are the first ones that come to mind.

However, it turns out that the most played first-person shooter in the world is a game called Crossfire – which has upwards of 600 million registered players.

The franchise has been incredibly popular in Asian territories since its premiere in 2008 and now Crossfire is coming to console with the hope of taking over the western market.

The open beta for Crossfire X may have only just ended, but gamers are already wondering when the full release will be.

Crossfire X release date: Official information

This is extremely frustrating considering the game’s insane popularity and how many of us gave it a shot in the recent beta. Many of us were hoping that there would have been some official news when the open beta started (as a way to advertise the title more), but it’s all currently unknown.

However, fans are expecting *some* type of announcement over the next few weeks from either Smilegate or Xbox Game Studios. So, keep an eye out on this page.

Crossfire X release date: Rumours

There are a whole host of rumours circulating online about a possible release date for Crossfire X.

Some gamers are predicting that the title will be released alongside the new Xbox Series X console (perhaps just because of the matching ‘X’ in the names), but its release date is also unknown – not helpful. However, this has been somewhat supported by Crossfire X being a featured title in Xbox Series X games coming soon.

Others think that Crossfire X will drop on the Microsoft Store much earlier than that, within the next two months. Their thinking is that the game is already in a solid-state on PC and as a free title, a live-service could be constantly updating the game if it wasn’t 100% ready.

Personally, I think that it will be a few months before Crossfire X is released, but I don’t think it will release alongside the Xbox Series X. The console is premiering with huge titles that Crossfire X, frankly, can’t compete with.

Therefore, I could see it releasing 3-4 weeks before the console comes out, building a player base and hype but also not stepping on the toes of games like Halo Infinite.  

Crossfire X release date: Fan reaction

Understandably, gamers have been left feeling confused and frustrated at the lack of release date for Crossfire X.

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