The English dubbing of Baki season 3 may have only just released on Netflix, but many fans are already eager for a fourth instalment.

Thanks to over-the-top character designs and epic fight sequences, Baki has quickly become one of Netflix’s most popular original anime series.

The story follows Baki, a 17-year-old who is known as the second strongest fighter in the world – only behind his father, Yujiro. Across three instalments, Baki fights death row inmates, martial arts grandmasters and everyone in-between.

Season 3, titled ‘The Great Raitai Tournament Saga’ released at the start of June, but the English dubbing has only just premiered.

Now, fans are looking ahead to the futuer of Baki and specifically, when the anime will return to Netflix for the fourth instalment.

Baki season 4: Renewal status

Fans of Baki can breathe a sigh of relief, the show is set to return for a fourth season.

Netflix has been releasing two-cour seasons of the show (splitting a full 26-episode season in half) at a time, meaning we can definitely expect the fourth instalment soon.

Although if we are honest, this isn’t a suprise to any of us. Baki is a huge draw for Netflix and one of the best original series they have produced, but it’s always nice to get an official statement.

Baki season 4: Release date

At the time of writing, there is no official information as to when season 4 of Baki will be released.

However, we do know that it will air first in Japan before it releases on international Netflix. As viewers there predict it to be released by the end of 2020, fans in the west can expect the fourth instalment in early or mid-2021.

Although this should be taken with a pinch of salt considering the global coronavirus pandemic halting production on many shows – the pandemic has already delayed the release of an English dubbing.

Baki season 4: Plot

The fourth instalment of the Baki storyline is expected to continue with the arc of The Great Raitai Tournament Saga.

Baki and Yujiro are about to square off in, what should be, one of the greatest anime fight sequences ever made.

Meanwhile, the five death row inmates are beginning to escape from their jail cells once again – with Ryuukou Yanagi escaping in the season 3 finale.

Without talking about spoilers from the original manga series or the potential storylines relating to the other anime, all five are expected to be free by season 4’s opening scene.

Could they be out to take revenge on their past fighters, could they be going to help Yujiro defeat Baki or would they just be spectators? All these questions will be answered in season 4 of Baki.

Bake season 3, titled ‘The Great Raitai Tournament Saga’, is available right now on Netflix.

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