Baki season 3, The Great Raitai Tournament, has been out on Netflix for nearly one month, but we finally have the English dubbing available.

The crazy fight sequences and detailed character backstory has led to Baki becoming one of Netflix’s most popular original anime shows.

Unfortunately, the show suffered the same issue as other recently released anime series, premiering with no English dubbing available.

However, the English audio option has now become available on the streaming platform, making the anime more accessible to new viewers.

Is the English dubbing of Baki available internationally?

Yes, the English audio option is available on Netflix UK and US, with the same voice cast as the previous seasons.

To be fair to Netflix, it has only been 24 days since the third season of Baki released, so the hype around the show is still there.

This was evident yesterday on social media where fans were sharing that they were either re-watching or finally starting the new season.

Why was the Eglish dubbing delayed?

Netflix has revealed that the delay is because of complications due to the coronavirus.

Fans have been curious as to what the exact reason for the delay was, with many spectulating that this was due to the safety of voice actors travelling to studios.

Similar issues with the English dubbing occurred with ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Scissor Seven’ which each had to wait several weeks before their respective dubbings were released.

More recently, the Netflix original feature anime film A Whisker Away released without an English dubbing option available – much to the annoyance of fans around the world.

Season 3 of Baki, named The Great Raitai Tournament Saga, is available on Netflix in the original Japanese with English subtitles.

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