Since social media made a debut in everybody’s life, slang language and emojis have flourished, mostly in the hands of teenagers.

It’s fun, it’s quick, it communicates nuances of meaning and emotion better than formal language easing social intercourse and usually, not everyone understands it, which makes it secretive and even more entertaining.

However, slang language has often led to misunderstandings, as one slang word can have different interpretations. 

We’re about to spill the tea on what ‘GN’ means.

What does GN mean in texting? 

On Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook, the most common definition for GN is ‘good night’.

It’s a pretty simple, widely known and largely used regardless of age slang word that means ‘good night’.

Since the first interpretation of GN, TikTok has come to add more layers to slang language. 

What does GN actually mean on TikTok?

Under normal circumstances, GN equals ‘good night’, but TikTok has a new perspective.

On Tik Tok live streams of famous people, fans seem to be commenting GN, with the meaning of ‘get naked’, requesting them to remove their clothes.

Teenagers have come up with this new sexual implication of the slang word GN, that has made TikTok worried, since most of its user base is under 18 years old. 

The slang word has two interpretations so far. Now that both meanings are popular in all social media platforms, we need to think twice before texting GN; it could make someone uncomfortable.

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