A Black Lives Matter protestor has gone viral online this week after making an incredibly moving speech in Kansas City.

The woman, who has been named at Riley Calloway has been admired by people all over the world who agree with her explosive speech.

In the speech, she responds to the story of a policeman who is sick of the bad treatment he is receiving from the public amid the Black Lives Matter movement, something that Riley compares to the treatment of black people in America.

Watch the incredible viral speech below.

Riley Calloway’s speech goes viral

A woman called Riley Calloway has gone viral after she made an incredible speech at the Kansas City courthouse.

In the court, the wife of a police officer says that she is upset because her husband keeps getting cussed at, followed and spat on, and Riley explains that she felt she needed to speak up.

She then continues to give a very moving speech about racism in the United States.

What does Riley Calloway say?

Riley responds to the policeman who felt upset at being treated that way by the public, and her speech gained a lot of applause from the audience.

She starts by saying: “I want to point out that people who are black have had to endure all of that and brutality at the hands of the people that are supposed to protect them for over 400 years. Which is why we are here to protest in the first place.”

She then continues to counteract what the officer’s wife said, saying: “So I am sorry that in the last ten days you have felt just a little uncomfortable but I hope that you understand that you’ve just had a fraction of the taste of it.”

“If you’ve got any empathy in that little blue heart of yours then I suggest that you start looking at this from the other side. The morally, legally and ethically correct side.”

One specific line gained significant attention

Perhaps the most important line of the whole speech was this: “It’s not a blue life, it is a f*cking blue shirt.”

Riley Calloway references the fact that the police officer can take off his blue shirt, and will no longer receive this abuse.

But for a black person, they cannot simply change the colour of their skin like a police officer can take off his shirt, a perfect visual image to represent the racism black people face in today’s society.

Many people are sharing this specific line onto social media, showing their support of the statement.

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