An inappropraite new trend is making its way round TikTok that started off as a prank, but can actually cause very serious offence.

Most people post things on TikTok as a form of comedy, intending for the content to be humorous. But sometimes, it is important that TikTok users remember the consequences of such videos, as certain topics can affect people in a variety of ways.

A new trend has become popular on TikTok, but people are calling it to be stopped, after realising its offence and inappropriateness for the social media app.

So what does ‘cut it off’ mean on TikTok?

What does ‘cut it off’ mean on TikTok?

A new trend is becoming popular on TikTok that involves users playing a huge prank on their partners.

Women are trying to trick specifically men into thinking that women grow a penis, and every month they have to ‘cut it off’ which is why they get a period.

The hoax then continues as women prank men into believing that if they don’t ‘cut it off’, they gain a serious infection.

Many people think the joke is inappropriate for TikTok

Although the trend was intended to me comedic, many people are arguing that the trend is entirely inappropriate to be posted on TikTok.

There are lots of children that use TikTok, who are young and impressionable. If such rumours are spread, these young people may not understand the joke aspect, in turn causing them to believe it.

The trend is also a very sensitive topic for many people

Despite the trend being started as a joke, it is actually entirely problematic for a number of different reasons.

Many people are arguing that the trend is inappropriate for the transgender community, being entirely transphobic in nature.

Others are raising the issue of sensitive topics such as female genital mutilation, which has affected many women around the globe.

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