Having big boobs can be both a blessing and a curse. In this heatwave, it’s more of a curse and probably the only reason to wish for regular UK-cold weather. 

If you have ever gone to the restroom to soak up the sweat under your bra with paper towels, then you know the struggle of boob sweat.

It gets uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing, it irritates the skin, it can smell gross and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it. 

Boob sweat memes have been a thing for a long time on social media, but they always make a strong come back in heatwaves.

Here are 9 boob sweat memes on Twitter and Instagram to have a laugh during UK heatwave. 

1) boob sweat is as real as global warming

2) hats off to whoever came up with this, giving us food for thought indeed

3) UK’s forecast for the past week

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4) amen Amanda, amen

5) check on your friends people

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6) an all year round thing? Unfair to say the least!

7) the struggle is real

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8) nobody, not a single soul

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9) fan: a small thing that does wonders

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