There’s one Facebook feature that everyone has been waiting for, dark mode. And some users are claiming that it’s finally here!

Back in 2019, Apple introduced a dark mode to all of its iOS devices. The update was loved by all its users, who now have the option to change their phone from the usual white backgrounds to black instead.

Then, dark mode even starting syncing with apps like Instagram and Twitter, so if you set your phone to dark, the apps will automatically be in dark mode too.

But one app is very late to the party when it comes to enabling dark mode, and that is Facebook. People have been begging Facebook to allow dark mode on its app for a really long time.

And now it seems like it could finally be happening – but not for everyone yet.

Many users now claim there is a dark mode for Facebook

Nearing the end of June, many Facebook users have been claiming that their app now appears in dark mode.

This will automatically happen if you have your phone set on dark mode, and there is no need to go into Facebook’s settings.

Dark mode switches Facebook from it’s usual bright white backgrounds to a dark black background, a feature that a lot of users prefer.

How to get dark mode on Facebook

If you have your phone set on dark mode, then it will make all your apps appear in dark mode too. So, to activate dark mode on Facebook you won’t have to do anything apart from perhaps update your Facebook app.

To activate dark mode on iOS devices:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Press Display and Brightness.
  • Tick ‘Dark’.

Dark mode is currently only available for some accounts

When Facebook introduces a new feature, it usually takes a few weeks for them to roll it out across all Facebook accounts.

Therefore, if you can’t access dark mode yet, just wait because it might be available very soon.

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