Season 2 of the Harley Quinn animated series may have only just concluded, but fans are already looking ahead to the future of the show.

From start to finish, Harley Quinn has been one of the most entertaining animated series to come from the DC Universe in a long time.

The finale for season 2 may have only just aired, but fans are already desperate to know if and when the show will be making a return.

This has only been hyped further with news of a new major Harley Quinn project being announced within the next few days.

Harley Quinn season 3: Renewal status

At the time of writing, Harley Quinn has not been renewed for season 3, nor has it been cancelled by DC Universe.

Although considering the good viewing audiences and critics reviews, it is highly likely that the show will return for a third season. Animated shows also appear to be on the rise as coronavirus continues to delay production on many live-action projects, meaning that networks will be eager to get new animated content out in the meantime.

However, even the show’s producer and writer, Justin Halpern, also doesn’t sound sure about the future of the Harley Quinn animated series. Speaking to ComicBook, Halpern said: “We’re in a position now where DC Universe is trying to figure out what it wants to do with the show.”

“There’s been rumblings about expanding now that Warner Media has several arms. We’re exploring opportunities for other outlets but nothing’s confirmed.” – Justin Halpern.

UPDATE: There is scheduled to be a big DC announcement for a Harley Quinn related project at some point in the next few days, so keep an eye on this page.

Harley Quinn season 3: Release date

With no official confirmation that Harley Quinn will return for a third season, there is no information available as to a possible release date. However, we can infer a potential premiere date from the production schedule of season 1 and 2.

Whilst it did take two years to produce the first season (from announcement to premiere), it only took one year for season 2 to release. Assuming that production will be on a similar schedule going forward, we could see a third instalment as soon as February-2021.

However, there is always the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic will cause delays to production, meaning a more realistic prediction would be mid-2021.

Harley Quinn season 3: Fan reaction

Understandably, fans are crying out for Harley Quinn to be renewed for a third season.

Their begging to DC Universe has only been furthered by the news of a major upcoming announcement about the franchise. Whilst many fans are hoping that this is the formal renewal for season 3, there are concerns it could be another live-action sequel or comic book project.

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