Viewers of Netflix’s latest supernatural drama, Bulbbul, have been left shocked and confused as to how the Indian thriller ended.

Although Bulbbul never lived up to the sinister horror hype of the reveal trailer, the movie was extremely entertaining and still had my heart pumping for the last 45-minutes.

Whilst the flashbacks and the alternative timelines did have me slightly confused at first, it seems like the film’s conclusion has left many viewers puzzled.

The final act of abuse…

In one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the entire film, we to see Bulbbul being horrifically raped by Mahendra. He is enjoying causing her pain, but accidentally suffocates her in the process. However, we then get a wide view of the house as the moon turns red and she comes back to life again – although visibly changed.

We then see her sister in law wash and dress her, with an incredibly creepy line being uttered over and over again, “He is a little insane.”

“Large manors have large secrets. So, keep quiet.”

Dr. Sudip enters her chambers and sees that the wounds on her legs are again. Unfortunately, he soon realises that fresh wounds have also been caused that night.

Revelations and forest fire…

Dr. Sudip attempts to leave but is stopped by Satya, believing his is responsible for the murders. Thankfully, Bulbbull arrives to save him, killing the driver of the carriage in the process. Satya and the doctor fight, but the torch they are swinging at each other starts to drop sparks, igniting a huge forest fire.

We then see Bulbbul climbing through the trees, being described as a goddess as we see her killing the men who have haunted herself and other innocent women. As more and more of the forest burns around our characters, Satya realises that the witch / demon that he has been hunting is indeed his childhood friend – took him long enough.

At the point, I’m sure we all thought that everything would be okay and everyone would be saved, but the last we see of Bulbbull, she is sat in a tree as the flames start to reach her.

One year later…

We then skip ahead one year to Indranil returning to the house with a letter from Satya being narrated.

“Dear brother, I always thought that when I grew up, I would like to be like you, but today I’m leaving this house forever because I am afraid, I might become like you. Because I’m afraid…I might already be like you. Now we are literally related by blood: the blood that has stained all our hands. Now we are all the same.” – Satya.

When he is in the haveli, he hears a whisper and in the corner of the room appears Bulbbul, rising from the ashes – referencing a phoenix. She then gives him and awesome yet sinister smile that indicates she is about to take her well-deserved revenge on him.

Roll credits.

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