Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most popular games of 2020 and its popularity hasn’t receded thanks to continuous updates from Nintendo. While June has blessed us with a cute wedding season, July is set to be even bigger and better thanks to a summer update. Here you’ll discover when the summer update is coming out and everything it includes from swimming to sea creatures.

In addition to a wedding season, June has also provided Animal Crossing New Horizons players with a bunch of sharks to catch. There are whale sharks all the way to great white beasties from Jaws, but remember that they’ll be a few fish leaving at the end of June to be replaced.

However, it’s not only new fish arriving in July as there will also be the arrival of a summer update which will allow you to join all of the fish by swimming.

When is the summer update coming out for Animal Crossing?

The summer update for Animal Crossing New Horizons is coming out on July 3rd.

While the first summer update for Animal Crossing New Horizons is coming out next month, there’ll be another in August.

We don’t know what Nintendo’s second batch of new content will provide, but if it’s anything like the first then we’ll be more than happy.


Animal Crossing New Horizons’ summer update adds swimming and Pascal

The Animal Crossing New Horizons summer update will finally add swimming to the game.

In addition to swimming in cute beach gear, the Animal Crossing New Horizons summer update will also add a new character named Pascal.

When finally being able to join the fish under the sea, you’ll be able to dive and pick up additional sea creatures to possibly donate to your museum.

Furthermore, while on one of your leisurely swims, you may also come across a new visitor named Pascal. This is how you’ll be able to get new mermaid-themed DIY recipes by donating scallops him.

Lastly, while before Gulliver swept up on your island in Donald Duck gear, now he’ll be swept up in a pirate uniform. Again, you’ll be able to complete a task for him to get a just reward in the mail.

In other news, All the fish and bugs leaving in August for Animal Crossing New Horizons