False rumours have resurfaced suggesting that Lil Baby had been found dead. Here’s the social media hoax explained.

Dominique Jonas, aka Lil Baby, is a rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia.

He rose to fame after the release of his mixtape ‘Perfect Timing’ and since then has become one of the popular faces in the trap scene.

Other huge milestones for the star were when his song with Drake ‘Yes Indeed’ reached number 6 on Billboard Hot 100, while his song ‘Drip Too Hard’ reached 4th in the same chart ranking.

However, social media posts have resurfaced on the internet implying that the rapper has died.

Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

Lil Baby’s death hoax explained

The rumours are false and Lil Baby is not dead.

According to several reports, news circulated on the internet suggesting that the rapper had been found dead at his home.

And this is not the first time Lil Baby has suffered a death hoax as there have been several other fake news claiming that the ‘Drip Too Hard’ singer has died.

How did the false rumours start?

It appears that the social media hoax started following one tweet from Lil Baby.

In a Twitter post, he wrote: “I’m loggin off.” His followers then flooded the comments section with tweets and shared their concerns over the rapper’s well-being.

In addition, Channel 22 News published a fake report which said that the rapper had been found dead “in a car parked by his house”.

The news story is referred to as a prank, though Lil Baby’s fans have been left worried and angry over the false rumours.

Shooting in Birmingham, Alabama

In addition, false reports have resurfaced following a shooting during Lil Baby’s concert earlier this year.

The rapper was performing on stage when someone opened fire inside the Bill Harris Arena in Birmingham, Alabama.

According to a report from al.com, one person was taken to the hospital but their condition “has since been updated to stable”.