Keemstar just revealed on DramaAlert that he has won the lawsuit filed against him by Roman Lacoste, and he seems pretty excited about it.

A few months ago, celebrity tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste sued Keemstar after he refused to take down a Drama Alert video that made some pretty big accusations about him.

Keemstar believed that the claims he made were true, so wanted to keep the video viewable by everyone on the internet. As a result, Romeo sued Keemstar for a very big sum of money.

But now, it seems that Keemstar has won the lawsuit, as he took to his Drama Alert channel on YouTube to reveal all.

Who is Romeo Lacoste?

Romeo Lacoste is a world famous tattoo artist. He currently owns the California Dream Tattoo shop in Los Angeles and runs his own team there.

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Lacoste is also very prominent on social media, with almost 2 million followers on his Instagram account.

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Romeo sued Keemstar for $3.5 million

Back in March 2019, Romeo Lacoste was accused of sending inappropriate messages to some underage girls.

The scandal wen viral on social media, then being covered by Keemstar on his popular YouTube gossip channel Drama Alert.

Then, Lacoste proceeded to ask Keemstar and many other media outlets to remove the stories they had made about him. Keemstar refused, and as a result Romeo sued him for $3.5 million due to the claims that Keemstar broadcast about him.

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Keemstar has won the lawsuit

On June 24th, Keemstar revealed in his new Drama Alert episode that he has won the lawsuit.

In the video, he reveals that his attorneys used the defence that Romeo was trying to get rid of his “first amendment right” and “freedom of speech”.

On June 23rd 2020, the judge ruled that Romeo had presented no evidence that Keemstar’s claims were false, meaning Keemstar won the lawsuit.

Romeo also now has to pay for all of Keemstar’s legal fees, that he predicts at being over $25,000.

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