Summer has finally arrived in Britain, and now after waiting forever for its arrival, we’re all complaining that we’re too hot.

It happens every year in the UK. We wake up every morning to a cold, miserable winter day and we just can’t wait for the summer. We reminisce over drinking ice cold beers in the garden, barbecue lit and music blaring.

Then, the weather slowly begins to change and before you know it our one week of summer is here. But it doesn’t hold back, and the heatwave comes as a complete shock that we’re totally not ready for.

After dreaming of summer for days on end, us Brits inevitably begin to complain upon its arrival. How inconsiderate for the weather to be SO HOT! The sweatiness is real.

Here’s some hilarious memes to get you through the heatwave, including one really famous one from none other than The Inbetweeners.

The Inbetweeners ‘might me too hot’ meme never gets old

As soon as the weather starts getting nice in the UK, there’s one meme that comes out every year. The Inbetweeners ‘might be too hot’ meme just never gets old, and every Brit can relate to it.

We wait all year for the hot weather to come around, and then it finally does and all we can think to do is complain. Because now it’s too hot!

The scene comes from the Inbetweeners’ first movie. They get off the plane in Greece ready for their lads party holiday, to realise that the weather it actually really warm.

Jay says “I’m hot”, followed by Neil who agrees “I am well hot”. Then Jay says “might be too hot”, and Neil follows with “might be”.

It’s one of the most simple scenes, but it’s just comedy gold, and the producers really captured exactly what all of us Brits are like when we experience a bit on sunshine.

17 more it’s too hot memes

We’ll start off the list with another British classic. Martin’s popular catchphrase “It’s bloody boiling” from Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner just never gets old.

This is all of us at work right now. The heatwave definitely isn’t fun when you can’t sit in the garden sunbathing next to a pool.

This is the most British problem you could ever encounter. You want a cup of tea but I’m too hot outside and tea is hot so it will make you more hot but also you just WANT A CUP OF TEA!

This golden retriever represents all of us right now. Desperately trying to wipe the sweat from out foreheads.

The outside closely resembles a scene from Minecraft right now where EVERYTHING is on fire.

And by far the worst part about the heatwave, not being able to sleep. Fan on, duvet off. It’s not a pretty sight.

I’d happily take Monica’s place in that cold fridge right now.

The weather forecast may as well have just said that the UK is going to be on fire. Because that’s what it feels like!

Even our iPhones are telling us that the temperature is too hot. What is the weather doing to us?

Boris just announced that the pubs are reopening. At the same time as a heatwave. Pub gardens are going to be busy busy busy.

This clip from The Simpsons certainly sums up how we feel about the weather right now. Melting.

This guy’s got it right. Fan attached to the back, why didn’t we think of that?

Just to remind you incase you forgot, it’s HOT!

We’re definitely all wishing it was the weekend right now. Why did the hottest day of the year have to fall on a Thursday?

Anyone who’s sitting at work right now. I salute you. The scene probably closely resembles this.

We’re all turning into Alicia Keys today. This girl is on fire!

And finally, this clip from Peep Show is all of us this week. The heatwave is driving us crazy. Mental breakdown looming.

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