With the UK’s heatwave now in full swing, many Brits are scrambling to find any way to keep cool.

As the temperature in some parts of the UK rises to higher than Ibiza, many are welcoming in the sunshine as substitute for their summer holidays. But unlike the Spanish party island, the UK is not as well-equipped to deal with this 30C heat.

If you have a fan at home, or have one on the way, we found a trick which will help you cool down more.

So, how does the ‘ice in front of fan’ trick actually work?

Does putting ice in front of the fan work?

Yes. Many have reported that placing a bucket or big bowl of ice and placing it in front of your fan, the cooled wind that will pass through it will help keep you extra cool.

It will function like a DIY air conditioning unit!

Many have been sceptical of this trick, as placing water near electrics is definitely not safe. Be sure that your bucket or bowl does not get too flooded with water and that it is a safe distance from the fan. Also make sure there is nothing or no-one who could knock the bucket of ice towards the fan.

Ice in front of fan: The science

Ice absorbs heat as it melts. This means that passing warm air over the ice will cool the air, while melting the ice.

However, if you were looking to cool down an entire room using this method, it would take you a lot of time… and a lot of ice. One theory stated:

“Melting ice absorbs 334 KJ/kg. If you’re in a small room, it may contain 25 cubic meters of air, or about 30 kilograms. That means that, if you melted it quickly enough, it could lower the temperature of the room by as much as 11 degrees centrigrade.”

But as a room’s air changes, you would need to melt another kilogram of ice every ten minutes or so, to keep the room cool.

So, if you’re using the ice in front of the fan trick to keep you cool during the heatwave, it’s probably best to just plant yourself in front of it and let the cool air fan over you!

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