In the wake of the global movement of Black Lives Matter, social media posts with ‘Wighte Lives Matter’ have been circulated.

The death of George Floyd has sparked an international network of supporters for equal human rights and social justice.

The movement has inspired a lot of people to have raw conversations about equality while those with big social media presence have voiced their opinions and help others educate themselves on the topic.

However, in the wake of such an important global conversation, there are still people who show their ignorance through unusual ways.

Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

‘Wighte Lives Matter’ explained

The message ‘Wighte Lives Matter’ has been sprayed onto one person’s fence in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

Footage of the sign quickly circulated on social media after TikTok user RaShawn Hicks captured a video of someone spraying the words.

Looking at the message, the person who wrote the words probably intended to write ‘White Lives Matter’.

However, it’s clear that they first need to learn how to spell correctly and then educate themselves better on why ‘Black Lives Matter’ is happening after all.

People react on social media

When social media users first saw the footage of the message, they shared hilarious memes and reactions over the person’s mistake.

Some people have reacted with memes of the White Walkers from the TV series Game of Thrones.

One person wrote: “A wight is a nocturnal, cave dwelling, flesh eating undead. So, that graffiti is accurate?”

Another one added: “#WighteLivesMatter Geezus chist, I couldn’t type this without laughing.”

Others, however, have reacted with more serious tweets, voicing their concerns that people still have a long way to go until they understand the issue of social injustice.

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