The famous Chinese Australian YouTuber Wengie announced on Instagram the death of her beloved cat, Mia.

For those who know Wengie, and that will be quite a few considering she has over 14 million subscribers, they will know all about Mia.

Wengie and her long-term partner, Max, owned their Munchkin cat for over three years.

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Wengie says ‘Goodbye Mia’

In an emotional 10-minute-long YouTube video, titled “goodbye Mia…”, Wengie pays tribute to Mia, showing her subscribers Mia’s journey since she became a member of Max and Wengie’s family.

The video starts with Wengie’s cracking voice: “Mia you were my queen, my life.”

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Wengie reminisces Mia sitting on her lap, cuddling every morning, enjoying her favourite snacks and being a hyper-active cat: “you had your special meow that I will never forget. Thanks for putting up with us Mia.”

What happened to Mia the cat?

The vet initially thought Mia had gastritis and gave her a lot of medication to help this specific illness. After a blood test, they found out that the cat had an infection and gave her antibiotics.

“You were so brave that everyone thought it wasn’t too bad.”

Another blood test found that Mia was anemic and that was the reason she was getting weaker and weaker.

Mia underwent surgery, but the following days were really tough for her, while the couple was hoping that she was recovering. After visiting her every day for almost a week, Mia had a cardiac arrest. 

The cause of Mia’s death is believed to be a string she ate that tied around her tongue and made her sicker by the day.

Wengie feels responsible for not realising earlier that Mia was in pain: “I’m sorry Mia, you must have been in so much pain and you couldn’t tell us. Why can’t we speak to cats?,” Wengie cries. 

Wengie concluded the video by stating:

“I would do anything to have you come back. I hope you had a good life Mia, I hope I was able to make you happy. I’m sorry you were in so much pain, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. Rest in peace my baby, I love you.”

BRB, crying.

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