In Boris Johnson’s press conference yesterday, he announced the next steps the government is taking to ease lockdown measures, but was there any mention of snooker clubs?

The areas that will be allowed to reopen from July 4th include food and drink establishments, theme parks, libraries, outdoor gyms and playgrounds, hairdressers, museums, places of worship and many indoor attractions.

But there are some areas that Boris wasn’t quite so clear about. Lots of people have been wondering what the guidance is for indoor sporting establishments and social clubs such as snooker clubs.

So will snooker clubs be allowed to reopen on July 4th?

When will snooker clubs reopen?

There’s estimated to be over 150 snooker clubs in the UK, with many people attending them as both a social event and to play competitively.

After yesterday’s press conference, the guidance on snooker clubs and similar establishments reopening is a little bit hazy.

The official guidance says that bingo halls and social clubs are both allowed to open, but indoor sports facilities aren’t. Many people are confused as to whether snooker clubs fit into the social club category or the indoor sports facilities.

However, it seems far more likely that snooker clubs come under social clubs, so will be reopening on July 4th.

What do the government guidelines say about snooker clubs reopening?

The government has an official website where it posts guidance for opening certain businesses in England from July 4th.

There, it lists the places that will be allowed to reopen, as well as giving official guidance about the way it should operate in order to reopen safely.

However, the official advice on bingo halls and social clubs is yet to be given.

Visit the government’s official guidance here.

Snooker clubs will look very different after lockdown

So it’s looking very likely that snooker clubs will be reopening on July 4th, but they will be far from the social occasions you remember.

Social distancing will have to take place, as well as hand sanitisation, possible mask-wearing and taking the details of every visitor.

Also, the number of people who are let into the clubs will likely be limited in order to allow for social distancing to take place.

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