A viral TikTok video has divided the nation and created a worldwide controversy about how we should view time. Find out how you view time with this simple question.

A seemingly simple question about a meeting has created a huge debate online, as people realise that their answer to the quesition is different to others.

If you thought that everyone viewed time the same way, you were very wrong, and the answer why can be explained using an interesting theory called Time Moving Perspective.

Answer the question below to see exactly how you view time.

A video about time has gone viral on TikTok

A TikTok video has gone viral that’s going to completely baffle your brain and everything you thought you ever knew about time.

The video comes from a popular account called @asapscience who has almost 300 thousand followers and makes short videos that “make science make sense”, as he states in his TikTok bio.

He explains how there are two ways that people can perceive time. Find out which way you perceive time using the question below.

Answer this question

In the TikTok video, @asapscience asks this question.

  • Wednesday’s noon meeting has been moved forward by two hours. What time is the meeting now at?

The two options that people answer with are either 10am or 2pm.

This can be explained using Time Moving Perspective

Different people have different answers to that question. Some people think the meeting would be at 10am, whilst others think it would be at 2pm. The fact that people have different answers can be explained using time moving perspective.

In the TikTok video, he explains that if you think the meeting is at 2pm you have an ego-moving perspective of time. This means that you see yourself as moving forward through time.

If you now think the meeting is at 10am, this means you have a time-moving perspective. You see yourself as stagnant and see time moving forwards towards you.

I bet you never knew that other people could see time differently to you, but now you do.

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