A fun new trend has surfaced on TikTok that sees people painting their skin with bright colours. What is the Body Art Challenge?

This challenge sees TikTok users getting really messy, but it looks really fun at the same time.

Gone are the days of using paintbrushes to create a piece of artwork, as now you can use body parts instead to create shapes on paper or canvas.

If you want to give it a go for yourself, here’s exactly how to do it. It’s time to get creative!

What is the Body Art Challenge?

A new TikTok challenge has emerged that sees users putting paint onto themselves and using their body parts as a sort of paintbrush.

Then, they use their body parts to make a painting on a piece of paper or canvas.

People are using all sorts of body parts from hands and feet to some more intimate areas too.

How to do the TikTok Body Art Challenge

You will need:

  • Paint (make sure it’s a type that will wash off of your skin)
  • A large piece of paper or canvas
  • Outside space (you will get messy)

How to do the challenge:

  • Paint your chosen body part.
  • Place it onto the paper in your desired place.
  • Repeat this as many times as you wish with different paint colours to create a piece of artwork.

TikTok users are creating a painting using intimate areas and giving it to their partners

A popular TikTok trend sees women painting their bums and placing it onto the paper or canvas.

This makes a beautiful womanly silhouette, which many TikTok users are then giving to their boyfriend as a present.

But if you don’t want to get semi-naked in your garden, you can always just use your hands or feet to do the Body Art Challenge instead.


Made an art piece for the husband’s gaming room 🤪 #fyp #bodyartchallenge #paint

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