The Last Of Us Part 2 is arguably one of the most divisive PlayStation 4 exclusives as well as sequels of all time. Plenty of streamers have lambasted it and a petition has been made demanding a retelling, meanwhile PewDiePie has given his final rating as well as provided his final thoughts about whether he hates Ellie’s second outing.

While lots of outlets have given The Last Of Us Part 2 a review score of 10/10, PewDiePie – like many fans – doesn’t agree with the perception that the game is near perfect. Rather than bestowing a perfect score upon the title, he instead considers it at a 6/10 thanks to there being good moments.

He calls it the game that people didn’t expect or want, but he also claims to be happy about it being a fun rollercoaster as opposed to just a bad or really mediocre game. There were also issues with pacing and order of the story from his point-of-view, and he also says that some parts are such a meme.

As for whether he’d play it again, he says he respects Naughty Dog for trying something different but would probably never replay it. In response to the controversial “politics,” his point-of-view is that a gay couple is good but that Ellie and Dina didn’t have much chemistry. To make matters worse, he also claims to have felt that every new character had some sort of forced “social political background to them”.

Lastly, in response to whether he hates the game, he says that he doesn’t care enough thanks to having played so many mediocre titles. To him it’s just another game “that bites the dust,” and he realises that there’s nothing he can do as it’s the story Naughty Dog wanted to tell.

You can listen to his final thoughts straight from his mouth by watching the below video at the 3:09:05 mark.

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There’s a lot of great aspects about The Last Of Us Part 2 such as new characters Jesse and Dina, as well as being able to cover real-life songs on the in-game guitar. The gameplay is also nearly flawless with tight holes, a dodge mechanic, and a terrifying faction named the Scars all of which make the game’s world scarier and more intense than ever before. One of the biggest YouTubers in PewDiePie is currently playing through the game live with his fans, and people on Twitter are suggesting that he simply hates the sequel.

While the review bombing for The Last Of Us Part 2 on Metacritic is extreme and unnecessary, there is a clear division between the 10/10 review scores and fans who legitimately don’t like the game. Although some of the resentment online unfortunately boils down to misconceptions about someone’s gender as well as intolerance for someone’s sexuality, most of the actual anger from fans is because of the story.

The story and being forced to play as another character has annoyed most fans online, and the same appears to be the case with PewDiePie. However, does this mean he simply hates the game?

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Does PewDiePie hate The Last Of Us 2?

There are suggestions online that PewDiePie hates The Last Of Us Part 2.

This can been in tweets with clips where PewDiePie says that The Last Of Us Part 2 basically sucks and questions whether the developers understood what made the original so good.

In addition to saying it sucks, there is also another clip where he jokingly almost uninstalls it after learning he has to play as Abby for ten hours.

However, this doesn’t mean he flat out hates the game as there are instances during his streams where he says he enjoys the gameplay.

It’s only after learning he has to play as Abby that he jokes about wanting to no longer play. And this is unfortunately the common denominator as playing as Abby is where most people just want to give up.

Yes, the death of Joel angered a lot of people, but when playing as Ellie there is the motive of getting revenge. When playing as Abby there is no motive and lot of people can’t stop asking themselves why they’re playing anymore.

Unlike a lot of YouTubers who have said that they flat-out hate the sequel, this doesn’t put PewDiePie in the same boat as of yet because he hasn’t finished it.

It’s likely he’ll provide his full opinion about the whole experience once completing the campaign, but as of now it appears to have been a rollercoaster of varying emotions for him.

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