Some Facebook users have been getting some strange notifications that they really don’t understand. What is a collaborative post?

Social media apps are always updating to ensure it has the best new features for its users. Updates can be confusing, as they introduce new things that we just don’t know how to use.

But sometimes, it’s actually the old features that stump social media users the most, and that’s exactly what has happened with Facebook.

Recently, Facebook users have been getting a strange notification about collaborative posts – but what does that term actually mean?

Facebook users are confused after receiving a notification about a collaborative post

Many social media users have been left really confused after they starting recieving some strange notifications on Facebook.

The notification came up saying that you had reacted or responded to a collaborative post. But many Facebook users were stumped as they had no clue what a collaborative post actually is.

So, what does this notification actually mean?

What is a collaborative post?

Back in 2018, Facebook rolled out a new feature that allowed users to share collections with their family and friends.

This acts like a virtual photo album, allowing anyone who is in the group to share them and also add photos to the collection.

The collaborative tool is designed to allow friends and family to share things together online, bringing all photos of certain events such as a birthday or Christmas all together in one place.

Usually, this is called a shared album, but many believe this is the feature that Facebook must be referring to when using the term collaborative post.

How to start a shared album

  • Open Facebook and go to your photos.
  • Either create a new album or choose an album you wish to share with others.
  • Press ‘add contributors’.
  • Choose the friends you would like to be able to add their own photos, text posts and more.
  • Press save.

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