Frustration has followed the news that gyms will not be among the businesses reopening on July 4th, 2020.

The UK has just received the news that come July restaurants, pubs and cinemas are allowed to reopen. That is, taking in extra precautions to allow for social distancing and safe health practices.

But many were confused and frustrated as to why gyms were not included on this list. After months of working out from home, with little to no equipment, many are ready to get back into shape this summer at the gym.

Duncan Bannatyne, of Dragons’ Den fame, is one of the gym owners infuriated with the government’s decision. To speak on the matter, he appeared on Good Morning Britain to share his thoughts.

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What is Duncan Bannatyne’s gym?

In August 2006, multi-millionaire businessman Duncan Bannatyne expanded his empire to include health clubs. He purchased 26 health clubs from Hilton Hotels and rebranded as  the Bannatyne Health Club & Spa chain. This became The Bannatyne Group.

The Bannatyne Group is now the largest independent chain of health clubs in the UK. They have 71 sites and recently expanded to Northern Ireland in 2017.

Throughout lockdown, The Bannatyne Group is losing £2.5m a month due to their closure.

Duncan Bannatyne talks reopening gyms

Duncan appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss with hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, as well as other gym owners, the fact gyms will not open until mid-July at the earliest.

When speaking about how hairdressers were allowed to reopen and yet his gym and spas were not, Duncan said:

“It’s a huge contradiction. We have proposed ways which it can be done safely. What the annoying thing is, is that I wrote to forty MPs and invited them to come around and see what we have done to make them safer, see how we’ve laid it out, see how we’ve made space with the 2m rule. Of those forty MPs only one came to look around the health club to see what measures we’ve put in place.”

Duncan also noted that the one MP who came to visit his gym gave his safety measures 100% approval.

When will Duncan’s gyms reopen?

So far, Duncan has announced on Twitter that they will be reopening gyms the day the government says they can.

On Wednesday, June 24th, Duncan tweeted: “We will be open in Hastings on the first day the government allows us to,” but we assume this response about the Hastings location applies to all of The Bannatyne Group sites.

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