We’ve compiled a list of memes to get you super excited, or not so excited, about the return of pubs on July 4th. The wait is finally nearly over!

Yesterday, Boris gave the much anticipated announcement in the Commons and finally said the words the whole of the nation have been waiting for. Pubs can reopen!

Yes that’s right, come July 4th we could all be sitting in our favourite boozer’s once again, sipping that pint you’ve been craving since lockdown began three months ago.

It definitely won’t be the manic experience it was before Covid-19 decided to make an appearance, as many safety checks will need to be put in place. But it’s still a pub all the same.

Here are 15 hilarious memes about the pubs reopening that are sure to have everyone in mutual agreement. Bring on July 4th!

15 best pubs reopening memes

Going to the pub certainly isn’t going to be the same as it used to be. Walk ins are likely to be unheard of, with people having to book slots to drink in their favourite pub. But with the whole nation wishing to head out to have a drink next weekend it might be a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory golden ticket situation if you actually manage to get a slot.

And if the necessary security checks aren’t made, then the situation could quickly escalate to this. Lots of drunk people, rubbish, fights, police. Okay maybe heading to the pub isn’t a great idea after all.

This is going to be all of us running to the pub to collect that pint we’ve been waiting for. Get out the way, I’m going to get beer!

One of the measures likely to be put in place is a time limit that you’re allowed to stay in the pub for, allowing everyone to get a chance of getting in the pub on opening weekend and making it fair for everyone. But only 90 minutes in the pub means drinking fast is a must.

Pubs will have been shut for over three months by the time they reopen. And there’s likely going to be long queues to get in. So don’t mind me if I’m doing a Will from The Inbetweeners and kicking out all the underage people from the line. They’re not getting in today.

In order for pubs to comply to social distancing regulations, it’ likely that they might have to open with far less people inside than they usually would. No problem though, we’ll just drink for three!

Boris announced pubs are reopening, and we definitely all gave our longest yeeeaaaahhh boooyyyy. The excitement is real.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a photo of Boris in the pub, the man who said in his own press conference yesterday that he just can’t wait to get down to the boozer himself.

With the new time regulations, I think it’s going to be getting a bit messy inside the pubs. People are going to be downing beers like Homer Simpson at this rate.

Does your calendar look like this? 9am Saturday to 11pm Sunday. Pub. No other plans necessary.

If you’re planning on going to Wetherspoons, all we can say is good luck. Imagine a wave of people that closely resembles this photo. And a lot of people being turned away.

So if you are wanting to go to Wetherspoons, camping outside might be your only option. I hope you’ve got a tent! But at least you’ll be there in time for breakfast.

Whose decision was it to also open all the pubs on a Saturday? If the weather is nice and sunny, the weekend is going to consist of complete chaos.

All the lads can finally get back to their daily routine, off to the pub for a few pints after work.

And finally, the man we have to thank for the reopening of all pubs across the nation. BORIS!

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