If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people doing a certain quiz to find out what kind of Stan they are – here’s where to find it.

People use Twitter for a whole variety of different reasons. Maybe it’s to follow your favourite celebrities, to find career opportunities or perhaps to find out the latest news.

Whatever the reason you’re using Twitter, you fit into a category, known as a Twitter Stan, based on the way you use the app.

If you want to find out what kind of Twitter Stan you are, then make sure you do the viral BuzzFeed quiz that is linked below.

What is a Twitter Stan?

A Twitter Stan simply means the type of Twitter user that you are.

This depends on a lot of different factors, such as how often you use Twitter, the way you type, the kinds of people you interact with or the emoji’s you commonly use.

Some examples of Twitter Stan’s could be a cringe stan, an annoying stan or a soft stan.

Find out what kind of Twitter Stan you are with this viral quiz

A new trend is going viral on Twitter that involves finding out what kind of Twitter Stan you actually are. To find out, you must complete a quiz.

The quiz goes through a variety of different Twitter scenarios and asks you to choose one answer for each question.

For example, question one says: “U see an oomf tweet about how they’re in a bad mood. what do u do?” Then it proceeds to give seven answers to choose from.

It also asks you about your main Twitter habits, such as your most used emoji’s and how many people you follow.

It’s safe to say you’ve got to understand the Twitter lingo to do this quiz!

How to find the what kind of Twitter Stan are you quiz

The quiz that loads of people on Twitter are using to find out what kind of Twitter Stan they are is actually a BuzzFeed quiz.

It was created as a part of BuzzFeed community, a place where anyone can create a quiz that can then be played by anyone.

It’s simply called “what kind of twitter stan are you?” and the description says “take the ultimate stan twitter test asf”.

Find the quiz here.

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