A hilarious photo of Donald Trump has gone viral online after his failed Okhlahoma rally last weekend – what is the Trump Walk of Shame Meme?

America’s president is coming to the end of his term and is in the middle of campaigning for re-election. But is seems like his support rallies aren’t gaining quite as much attention as he had hoped.

One of the internet’s favourite things to do is to laugh at Donald Trump, and after his complete fail of a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last weekend, the world has been given the opportunity to do just that.

The internet had dubbed Trump’s return from the rally a ‘walk of shame’ and turned a hilarious photo of him into a meme.

Here’s the Trump Walk Of Shame Meme explained!

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s ‘walk of shame’ goes viral

Donald Trump has gone viral online after one of his rallies gained hardly any support.

On Saturday, Trump attended his re-election campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where there was a much smaller turnout than expected.

It is predicted that only about 6,000 people attended, leaving the stadium which was expected to hold 19,000 guests was extremely empty.

Trump was then pictured after the rally doing what internet users have dubbed a ‘walk of shame’ after the failed rally.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

What is the Trump Walk of Shame Meme?

The image of Trump doing his ‘walk of shame’ has gone viral online and been turned into an internet meme.

The picture shows Trump walking on his own with a miserable look on his face after receiving very little support at the Tulsa rally. He has his tie undone and looks completely defeated as he walks through a dark field.

Many have also commented on the bright orange makeup mark that can be seen on the left-hand collar of his white shirt.

People are simply sharing the photo on social media with the hashtag #walkofshame.

TikTok users claim to have boycotted the campaign

Despite selling loads of tickets, the stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma remained almost empty throughout Trump’s rally – but how is this possible?

Lots of TikTok users are said to have been involved in a stunt to troll the president.

People on TikTok were urging each other to sign up for tickets to the free event without ever wanting to actually go.

This meant that Trump’s rally looked like it had completely sold out of tickets, with Trump tweeting last week: “Almost One Million people requested tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!”

But in reality, it was all just a big hoax from anti-Trump groups.

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