The Last Of Us Part 2 is the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive but lots of fans and gamers have turned against it. While some of this is because of intolerant people hating that Ellie is a lesbian, most of the genuine hate is reserved for Abby alone. People keep asking why Abby is so buff, and there’s a shocking before and after comparison on Twitter which has resulted in people joking that Naughty Dog gave her steroids.

Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part 2 is unfortunately being review bombed on Metacritic by ‘anti-SJW’ groups protesting against the game’s supposed agendas. This is unfortunate for the development team as well as Neil Druckmann who has grossly been vilified by many, but it’s also unfortunate because it besmirches peoples’ legitimate complaints about the game’s story.

Although this is more superficial rather than anything about the story, one reason some fans hate the game is because they can’t get over how buff Abby is. Below you’ll discover why she is so muscular as well as find a comparison which has gotten people joking about the use of steroids.

**Spoilers for The Last Of Us Part 2 beyond this point**

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Why is Abby so buff and muscular in The Last Of Us 2?

It’s never explained why Abby is so buff and muscular in The Last Of Us Part 2.

However, while it’s not explained why Abby is so buff and muscular, we do see that there’s a gym in her WLF hideout in Seattle.

Not only that, but in one of the flashbacks with Owen she also boasts about getting stronger with her record at the time being 185 Ibs.

It can be assumed that she started lifting weights and making herself muscular to probably survive the post-apocalypse and get revenge for the murder of her dad.

Prior to the launch of The Last Of Part 2, the extremely muscular physique of Abby did lead people to assume that she was transgender.

However, this isn’t the case as she’s not transgender. She’s simply very muscular which is fine as female bodybuilders do exist.

Some people have pointed out that it’s unrealistic because of the lack of food in the post-apocalyptic world and that she would need to eat five meals a day, but this comes across as selective nitpicking.

After all, if we applied extremely realistic logic to everything, we’d have to ask why more people in the game aren’t scarily thin and why everyone has perfectly white teeth without any crowding, gaps, or rot.

A few others have condemned the phsyique as a political statement about ‘powerful women’ as well, but this comes as clutching at straws to just hate the game and director.

While Abby being muscular isn’t an issue, there is a Twitter comparison between the Paris Games Week reveal in 2017 and State Of Play broadcast in May 2020 which is quite shocking.

It shows how Abby was relatively strong in 2017, but was given inflatable SpongeBob muscle arms for the final version. While we can joke about her taking steroids, this isn’t alluded to in the game.

Again, I have no problem with Abby being buff as it’s different, unique, and makes her a threat, but perhaps Naughty Dog did overdo it as there are times when playing where you can’t even see past her square figure and herculean biceps when sneaking about.

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