The Last Of Us Part 2 has become the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive which isn’t surprising considering all the 10/10 review scores and bickering online prior to its launch. One of the worst and unanimously loathed aspects about the sequel despite all its pros is Naughty Dog’s new character Abby. Here you’ll discover who plays Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2 as well as find Laura Bailey’s response to allegations concerning a particular sex scene.

While The Last Of Us Part 2 is unfortunately being review bombed on Metacritic, it would be wrong to act as if the game’s poor reception amongst fans and gamers is simply because Ellie’s in a relationship with Dina. This isn’t the main reason gamers are so vexed about the sequel as the Left Behind DLC starred the adorably cute duo of Ellie and Riley and that episode was received mostly well by gamers and fans.

Rather than Ellie being in a relationship with the likable Dina, the main reason lots of gamers and fans loathe the sequel is because of Abby. Below you’ll discover who plays the character, and what allegations she has had to shut down.

**Massive spoilers for The Last Of Us Part 2 beyond this point**

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Who plays and voices Abby in The Last Of Us 2?

Laura Bailey plays and voices Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2.

The highly-respected actress worked with Naughty Dog on Uncharted 4 by bringing the badass Nadine to life, but in The Last Of Us Part 2 she plays and voices the unlikeable Abby.

Some have praised the performance for being stunning, but fans haven’t responded well to the performance or character because she kills Joel.

While killing Joel is bad enough, it doesn’t ruin the character as her motives are completely understandable which makes her a fine antagonist for Ellie and fans.

Problem is Naughty Dog puts you in the shoes of Abby for way too long and this is where the game falls off a cliff. As Ellie you had a purpose in wanting vengeance for the death of Joel, whereas with his killer you’re simply playing because you must.

Personally speaking, this made me entirely numb to all the violence and even the terrifying Scars because I wasn’t invested in this character or finding Owen

Abby is just unlikable because she shows no remorse for the death of Joel even after he saved her from being torn to shreds by an onslaught of infected. Not to mention she’s also surrounded by romantic cheats and a cocky ladies man whereas Ellie has Dina (who is sweet), Jesse (who is loyal), and Tommy (who is family).

Lastly, Abby just has this constant scowl on her face which makes her look like a mean girl from high school with inflatable SpongeBob arms. It’s not flattering character design especially when compared to Ellie and co.

Laura Bailey responds to Abby sex scene in TLOU2

Actress Laura Bailey has responded to the Abby sex scene with Owen in The Last Of Us Part 2.

Lots of people have criticised the Abby sex scene in The Last Of Us Part 2 for various reasons, but Laura Bailey has had to respond to baseless accusations.

There’s a character in the game who sort of resembles director Neil Druckmann. This character is named Manny and he spat on Joel’s corpse so it’s clear why everyone hates him.

Because there’s a character who sort of resembles Druckmann, some people have been accusing Laura Bailey of mocapping the scene with him.

Problem is the character in the scene is Owen not Manny, and both Laura Bailey and Druckmann have refuted the allegations.

The confusion between Manny and Owen lends credence to the belief that lots of haters for The Last Of Us Part 2 simply haven’t played it.

But, in what’s worse, it also suggests that some people will just say anything bad about its director and the game no matter the lack of evidence.

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